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Welcome to my Travel Photography site. I love travelling to see the world. I love seeing beautiful landscapes. When I realise that all I have is memories in my head after each trip, I decided to record them the best I can. And so, I picked up photography 8)
It's always nice to share your experiences with your friends and relatives, and I've created an online gallery for them. A couple of years later, I figured I should share it with a wider audience, so I decided to setup a website proper. Took a long while, but finally, it's here! 8)

New News!!! Last update: 4 Jan 22

I've combined my photography with some digital art editing to create some NFTs. Check out the galleries below :

Travel Digital Photo Art on OpenSea


Digital Face of the World on OpenSea


This is waay late, but better late than never! I've setup a Facebook Page! So please head over to 'Like' and follow my Page for more up-to-date images and stories! Thank you!


Check out my Really Random Roving Ramblings blog for ad-hoc trip stories, travel ramblings and revelations!


I have just released an ebook on the Apple's iTunes bookstore, based on my Roving Random Ramblings blog. It is a pictorial cum blog-style travelogue of my 448-day trip I did from Sep 2010 to Dec 2011. As such, the blog is now limited to only a few entries.

The ebook is currently not available in iTunes Singapore, as Apple has not released the Singapore ibookstore yet. So for Singaporeans, we have to either get an iTunes gift card or somehow open a non-Singapore iTunes account. It is a multimedia ebook, containing text, pictures and videos! As such, it is formatted for viewing on the Apple iPad only. The iPhones actually work as well, but is too small to really enjoy the viewing experience, hence I rather not recommend it.

Check it out at : iTunes Bookstore Roving Random Ramblings


Like what you see? Check out my Stock images link if you're interested in any of the images.

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